SEO Services for Oldham and Manchester

Do you want your website to generate more leads for your business?

There’s no need to answer that question. Of course you do!

Which business owner in the history of the internet said no to more traffic from Google?

Not one.

So how do you get more traffic from Google to your website? There are many ways that most typical business owners don’t really know or care about as long as the traffic arrives and converts into sales or an enquiry.

And that’s where I come in. I have more than 20 years’ of experience working with websites and on SEO for myself and clients in and around the Manchester and Liverpool areas.

SEO Services

Keyword Research

You’ll know the main keywords and keyword phrases people use to find your business online. But, chances are, there are many more keywords you may never have thought about. Our research helps uncover those keywords.

On-Page SEO

Most websites already have a bunch of pages that can be optimised straight away. With relevant title tags, subheadings and keywords added to the content, those pages should start ranking in Google.

Content Planning

Some keywords are more difficult to rank for than others, so it’s important to take a realistic approach to publishing content. It’s also important to create content that generates leads and sales rather than vanity content everybody ignores.

Content Creation

Content is of the utmost importance in all SEO campaigns. It’s what attracts people to your website and converts them into a lead or sale. Amazing content created with purpose will generate leads and sales to help your business grow.

Campaign Audit

Ideally, you should allow at least six months for an SEO campaign to start taking effect. Sometimes it’s quicker. Auditing the progress and monitoring how pages are performing in search engines helps to highlight the areas that need special attention.

The Process

Website Analysis

I begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your website. Taking a deep dive into every aspect, examining site architecture, content quality, keyword usage, technical elements, and backlink profiles. This comprehensive assessment allows me to gain a clear understanding of your website’s current state and identify areas for improvement.

Opportunity Identification

With insights gained from the website analysis, I’ll identify strategic opportunities for improvement. Through meticulous keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical audits, I’ll pinpoint areas where your website can be optimised to enhance its visibility and performance in search engine results.

Tailored SEO Campaign

I understand that every business is unique, which is why I develop tailored SEO campaigns that align with your specific objectives and target audience. I collaborate closely with you to understand your business goals, target market, and competitive landscape. This enables me to create strategies that are not only effective but also tailored to meet your unique needs and drive meaningful results.

Execution and Monitoring

Once the SEO strategy is defined, I’ll execute it with precision and diligence. From on-page optimisation and content enhancements to technical fixes, I implement the necessary changes to improve your website’s search engine visibility (or provide the information to your web developer).

Throughout the campaign, I closely monitor performance. This allows me to track key metrics, analyse data trends, and make informed adjustments to optimise campaign effectiveness and maximise ROI.

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